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Seeing is believing!!

cell1.gifYou can see it on your skin: orange peel textured skin known as cellulite. You can feel it beneath your skin: sluggish circulation, sore, tired muscles and a lack of vitality. You want to do something for your skin, but haven’t found the answer. You may even be close to your ideal weight. You may exercise and eat well. You've tried body-wraps, expensive creams and you still suffer from cellulite.

Now you have an answer. Use noninvasive endermologie to attain a smoother, more vibrant look to your skin. Even if you choose liposuction, surgeons now recommend endermologie before and after your procedure to enhance the results and address the problem of cellulite, because liposuction does not remove cellulite. The Cellu-M6-Keymodule is a revolutionary machine proven by medical studies, endorsed by plastic surgeons and dermatologists, and FDA approved to reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the health of the skin

How Endermologie Works

The endermologist uses the Keymodule, a hand-held, motorized treatment head with specially designed rollers to perform the treatment. By gently lifting and rolling the skin the Keymodule  stimulates the venous and lymphatic systems, thereby eliminating toxins. Fibroblasts are stimulated to increase collagen and elastin production, generating a healthier, rejuvenated skin tone.

While the patient wears a body stocking, the endermologist uses the Keymodule to perform specific techniques and patterns over the full length of the body and then concentrates on problem areas. The deep massage and gentle suction increase the cutaneous blood flow by 400 percent (Laser Doppler measurements) and lymphatic flow by 300 percent (Lymphoscintigraphy measurements). Toxins and abnormal fluid retention build-up is expelled as connective fibers are stretched and restored.


Benefits of Endermologie:

Endermologie is proven to provide benefits extending far beyond its original intended use of decreasing muscle pain and minimizing strain. The list of benefits include:

  •     Dramatically reduces cellulite
  •     Reduces body measurement by firming the underlying tissue and flushing toxic build-up.
  •     Increases production of elastin and collagen thus improving the skin tone and firmness
  •     Improves the nutrition of the dermis and hypodermis with increasing the blood flow
  •     Slows down the aging process of the skin and soft tissue
  •     Maximizes the effects of liposuction / abdominoplasty
  •     Improves local blood circulation
  •     Relieves DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
  •     Relieves minor muscle aches and pains
  •     Relieves muscle spasms
  •     Increases range of motion
  •     Improves complexion
  •     Increases vitality
  •     Improved focus and clearer thinking
  •     Leads to better sleep
  •     Provides relief from constipation

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