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We value our patients' experience at Adobe Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Benn
Your Temecula Chiropractor



Dr. Benn's protocols that include chiropractic, kinesiology and nutritional care have worked wonders for me!  Prior to starting Dr. Benn's protocols in July, 2013, I had moderate to severe Ulcerative Colitis symptoms including daily, urgent, frequent bowel movements of bloody diarrhea.  After being in Dr. Benn's care for only a month, the colitis symptoms dissipated almost entirely and, as of October, 2013, the symptoms are completely gone!  I am now having regular healthy bowel movements on a daily basis!  Dr. Benn has been a blessing in my life!  If you are having any autoimmune, chronic or digestive issues, I highly recommend working with Dr. Benn because he is a person of professionalism, empathy, compassion and integrity!
F. Burns
Murrieta, CA


Dr. Benn is the best overall healthcare provider I know!  He did my Chiropractic  and nutrition in the same visit, which saved me pain and suffering both physically and financially.  He gave me instant results unlike the physician that took several weeks and thousands of dollars to give me the exact same advise.  He is an expert in kinesiology which I was sceptic of till I got the exact same recommendations from physicians that used costly blood and other embarrassing specimen testing. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Benn he is a gifted HEALER!  The nutrition advise he gave me has given me my health back without pharmaceuticals which was the original culprit.  He only works part time but has always accommodated my needs and was always worth the time, effort , and the modest money compared to others!  Don't hesitate to see him he will adjust your whole body unlike all the other chiropractors.

Suzie B.

I have suffered from severe IBS-C since 2003, 9 long years of testing, surgical procedures, countless prescriptions, dietary restrictions, missed outings and discomfort. I visited Dr. Benn for help with my recovery from an auto accident, during the initial visit he was so thorough going over all of my medical history he requested I come under his care for not only my back injuries but also my IBS. Having tried so many things before I was hesitant but so tired of being ill I was willing to give it a try. I am happy to say that I am now in my  4th month of FULL recovery, with NO IBS symptoms whatsoever. This is life changing! My quality of life has greatly improved, and the best part is I can now eat anything I want, including things that used to trigger my illness. Thank you Dr. Benn you are a wonderful doctor.– Buffy K.- Murrieta, CA

Last Sunday I walked a very long time in the wrong kind of shoes. The next day I had some lower back pain, but I could still move around normal. Later that morning, I took a step and felt something slip in my lower back. After that, I couldn't walk or sit without a tremendous amount of pain. The rest of the week I became absolutely useless. I spent my time trying to make the pain stop. On Saturday, I told a friend about my dilemma. He told me he knew someone in the area that could help me. A few hours later I was in Dr. Benn's office in Temecula.

To make a long story short, I have never experienced an adjustment like the one Dr. Benn gave me. It was truly amazing. I left his office being able to sit, walk and bend over without any pain. I just couldn't believe it. And today, Sunday, I spent my day cleaning and taking care of the house without any
problems. I highly recommend him for anyone with pain.
Judy M., Wildomar, CA

Dr Benn Rocco made me feel comfortable right away. I had an elbow injury that was interfering with my movements. Dr Rocco had an amazing technique that brought me relief after just one visit. I have been going to Dr Rocco monthly since, and now feel better than ever. Thanks!

- Angel G.

Dr Benn was incredibly responsive to the stress and pain I was experiencing. He listened to my needs and managed to bring me to a state of relaxation I have never experienced before. Thanks!

- Jason D

He not only relieved my pain, it hasn't returned in the six months since my first treatment. This has brought me much joy, as it is the first time in  years that I can sat that I'm pain free!

- Bijan B


Jul 6, 2015
alexisw, San Jose

I've been going to Dr. Rocco since I was under 5 years old and he has always helped my body get back on track especially after a weekend filled with competitive soccer games! I trust his feedback wholeheartedly and would recommend him to anyone! He is alway professional and interested in how I am doing. I love his wide range of expertise - from adjusting to applied kinesiology to allergies. I never feel rushed through an appointment.
- 254 days ago


Sep 20, 2015
suzanneb, Temecula

Dr. Benn is a gifted healer! The best Chiropractor I've ever been too. I've been to many unfortunately due to several car accidents. Dr Benn's healing touch and healing nutrition advice is second to none in my experience. I highly recommend his care!
- 179 days ago


Aug 3, 2015

Even though follow up visits were necessary I felt much better after the first visit!
- 226 days ago


May 19, 2015
michelec, Murrieta

As always Dr. Ben takes care of my problems!!!!!
- 303 days ago


May 9, 2015
dauriceg, Wildomar

Am glad to be back. Looking f orward to my next appointment! Daurice
- 312 days ago


May 9, 2015
lettym, Temecula

I had been in major pain for a couple weeks. After my treatment I immediately better and felt very relaxed.i didn't have to take painkillers the rest of the day. I was also able to sleep better.
- 313 days ago

Apr 8, 2015
5.0              staceyl, Warner Springs

love dr rocco!!! :) :) :) nothing but good to say. i am feeling like a little kid again. thank you dr rocco!!!
- 343 days ago


Feb 10, 2015
gil, jr.l, Murrieta

I had hit a plateau (pain/fitness) in my cycle training. Working with Dr. Ben has helped me loose 25 pounds and improve ever area of health.
- 1 months ago

Feb 1, 2015

5.0                             amberz, Temecula

My family has been going to Dr. Benn Rocco for years now and has always been extremely happy with his care - over the years we have had several back spasms/rib injuries and our friend we sent to him even had TMJ, to the extent that she could only open her jaw an inch, needless to say he has fixed us all up every time!! We have always been happy to refer this business to anyone!! Dr. Rocco's knowledge of the human body and it's functions is truly amazing!!
Amber Z
- 1 months ago


Jan 9, 2015
davew, Temecula

Dr. Rocco is very diligent in gaining a complete understanding of your issues and addressing them. By far, the best and most effective care I have ever received. The offices are very professional yet relaxed. I give him my highest recommendation.
- 2 months ago


Dec 18, 2014

Larry Epstein

Highest quality of professionalism given to me on my first visit by Dr B Rocco. Comprehensive exam and good administration of the therapy as well. Now, it remains to be seen if the therapy helps me . You may of course  contact me in that regard; however, I have a return appt with Dr B Rocco in a couple of weeks.

Thank You- 454 days ago


Dec 11, 2014
davew, Temecula

Dr. Benn Rocco is a total wellness professional. When I first saw him, I had been on crutches for months, having been told by several MDs that surgery was my only option. Dr. Rocco resolved the issue completely without surgery. I highly recommend him and have told many others about him and they have been very appreciative of the referral.
- 462 days ago


Sep 22, 2015
robertp, Murrieta

Went to another local chiropractor and he told me get MRI you have torn rotator cuff and that was it, didn't go back. Called Dr. Ben, same day appointment, issue with right shoulder, neck pain, he checked my out and gave me a thorough exam, corrected situation with shoulder, bicep tendon stuck.
I have been a patient at Adobe chiropractic for 7 - 10 years and hadn't seen Dr Ben in 2 years and will never go to another chiropractor, Dr. Benn is awesome.
- 177 days ago


Nov 28, 2015
toms, Murrieta

Dr. Rocco is the best and he's fixed a lot of aches and pains over the years.
- 110 days ago

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