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Food Allergies 

Food Allergies result in nutritional deficiencies which lead to metabolic imbalance, immune system compromise, and the appearance of symptoms. At this point there’s a choice. You can go to an MD, get a medical diagnosis, have your symptoms named, get prescription drugs, experience disappointment and failure, and even risk potentially severe side effects. Or you can address the Food Allergies and resolve the primary, underlying cause of your symptoms safely, naturally, and without the risk of potentially harmful drugs.

What do Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Arthritis, Asthma, Migraine, Gout, Depression, ADD/ADHD, IBS, and Obesity, as well as a whole host of common and uncommon maladies including the entire list of autoimmune diseases have in common? First of all, their diagnoses are determined by the same method. The MD is trained to consider the patient’s history, symptoms, lab results and exam findings, and then select one of the known disease syndromes that best fits those factors. The MD then names the patient’s condition and selects a drug recommended by the Pharmaceutical industry that’s expected to eliminate the symptoms, produce normal lab values, and return the patient to a state of wellness. If one drug doesn't work, the doctor tries another, and another in hopes of eventually finding one that does produce the desired results. Meanwhile, the drugs wreak havoc on the patient's liver and other previously normal, healthy organ systems.

Second and most importantly, all the symptoms by which these maladies are diagnosed are also symptoms of Food Allergies. Sometimes called Food Addictions, food allergies occur when an individual is unable to effectively digest certain foods due to nutritional deficiencies. These deficiencies are either genetic in origin or are the result of poor eating habits like eating too much of certain favorite foods too often. These undigested foods putrefy in the small intestine and create histamines which inhibit the absorption of nutrients necessary to maintain a normal, healthy, disease free body. Instead, histamines are absorbed and circulated throughout the body, resulting in symptoms which are identical to those associated with the disease processes mentioned above. The inability to digest and assimilate nutrients, and effectively eliminate waste materials results in nutritional deficiencies, metabolic imbalance, and immune system compromise, thereby setting the stage for most if not all disease processes.

There’s a protocol that I have used in my Temecula practice for the last twenty-three years that has produced positive results with patients from age 18 days through age 93. The list of cases treated includes all of the conditions mentioned above and more. The protocol requires a twenty-one day abstinence from those known offending foods, during which time, at weekly visits, the patient's metabolic imbalances and deficiencies are revealed and appropriately addressed, making it possible for the patient to reintroduce the foods into the diet without the previously experienced allergic responses.

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